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Industrial Design


Pallet Parka

Client: Pallet Parka 

Description: Adjustable insulated wrap for pallets.

Objective: To design an adjustable, insulated cover/wrap for pallets to regulate temperature. The wrap was to be adjustable to fit different heights of pallets, depending on how much was stacked on the pallet.

The Result: A blanket-style wrap designed to fit a standard 48” x 40” pallet but can easily adjust to accommodate the height of the product on the skid from 24” up to 45” with standard side skirts, and 48” to 70” with the XL side skirts. A clever design using rows of Velcro, allow the shipping personnel to easily wrap any pallet.  The insulated wrap prevents products from getting too hot or too cold during transportation while avoiding the costs of refrigerated trailers.

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Elevator Cab Design Automation (Cab Enclosures)

Client: Peelle Elevator 

Description: Model and Drawing Automation

Objective: The engineering team was spending considerable time in AutoCad customizing orders for clients. Time was spent re-sizing existing cab drawings, making decisions on locations and sizing, and formatting drawings.  The goal was to reduce the amount of time spent on these tasks and get quotes and drawings back to the customer faster. 

Result: The process began by standardizing rules for custom jobs. This saved time on decision-making for locations and sizing. Next, the 3D modelling and drawing process was automated using SolidWorks and excel. The engineering support staff can now input the customer’s requirements, (length, width, height, material, lighting, exhaust, controls, etc.,) into an excel sheet which then updates the 3D model, customer approval drawings and manufacturing drawings within minutes. This result is hours of time saved on drawing and specifying custom elevator cabs.

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3D Acoustic Tile Concept

Client: EzoBord 

Description: 3D Acoustic Tile Concept 

Objective: The goal of this product development was to create a drop-in ceiling tile for use in a typical suspended ceiling system. It was designed to be an alternative to the conventional flat or regular lay-in tile. 

Result: The final design is a three-dimensional, 24” x 24” drop-in tile that can be oriented to create various undulating patterns on the ceiling. The tile provides exceptional acoustic control and presents a unique and varied aesthetic. It is manufactured by pressing recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) into a heated mold. 

Panel Dome

Client: Par-Pak (Now Polar-Pak)

Description: Cake packing dome 

Objective: This design project involved creating a new, transparent ‘cake-dome’ food packaging product. It had to be designed to nest, but also be multi-stackable with the weight of the food product in it. It also could not infringe on several existing design and utility patents. 

Result: The final product incorporated subtle swirling ribs to create a pleasing aesthetic and high compression strength. It is molded in Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE) and is produced in various sizes. 

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Personal Disinfectant System

Client: Confidential

Description: Personal Disinfectant Delivery System 

Objective: At the request of a surgeon, we were asked to develop a method of delivering disinfectant directly to the end user’s hands. 

Result: The solution incorporated a wrist band and rotating wand that contained the alcohol-based disinfectant. 

The delivery wand is detachable and could be refilled or replaced as required.

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