Product Design
and Engineering

At RedOwl, we provide flexible, professional product design, furniture design and related engineering services. We work with businesses and entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector to design and develop new products and help take them from concept to full scale production.

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RedOwl Design

Many manufacturers focus primarily on manufacturing and sales, and in many cases they don’t have the time, resources or expertise to manage the product design or furniture design process. This is where the RedOwl team excels.

RedOwls main goal is to provide a product that not only looks great but is manufacturable, affordable and sustainable.

RedOwl Design — our approach is effective.

We’re not just product designers, we’re engineers with years of experience in manufacturing and design. We understand how things are made.

Define the problem

The key to product design or furniture design is to properly define the problem. We work closely with our clients to develop a design brief to help all parties fully understand what is trying to be achieved. We often perform an intellectual property search to uncover critical barriers to entry — and sometimes opportunities— to help to establish reliable design criteria early in the process.


Once the problem is clearly defined, we employ ideation techniques such as brainstorming, product dimensioning, sketching and rapid prototyping to help construct a solution. We then use these sketches, prototypes, as well as 3D models and in-house renderings to help convey our concepts to the client.


Once a concept (or multiple concepts) are selected, it is then determined how the product will be manufactured, assembled and packaged, without sacrificing aesthetics, cost, safety, quality, durability or reliability.


At this stage, we use more formal prototyping methods to test concepts and to work out more specific details of the design. As needed, we continuously circle back to the ideation and engineering stage and repeat until the product design or furniture design is refined and ready to go to production.

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