Elevator Cab Design Automation

Client: Peelle Elevator 

Product Name: Cab Enclosures

Description: Model & Drawing Automation

The Objective:

The engineering team was spending considerable time in AutoCad customizing orders for clients. Time was spent re-sizing existing cab drawings, making decisions on locations and sizing, and formatting drawings.  The goal was to reduce the amount of time spent on these tasks and getting quotes and drawings back to the customer faster. 

The Result:

The process began by standardizing rules for custom jobs. This saved time on decision making for locations and sizing. Next, the 3D modelling and drawing process was automated using SolidWorks and excel. The engineering support staff can now input the customer’s requirements, (length, width, height, material, lighting, exhaust, controls, etc.,) into an excel sheet which then updates the 3D model, customer approval drawings and manufacturing drawings within minutes. This result is hours of time saved on drawing and specifying custom elevator cabs.

Link: https://www.peelledoor.com/cabcar-enclosures/