What is simulation analysis? Simulation analysis is used to digitally simulate a product’s reaction or behavior to an applied force or load (using real-world conditions.)

The software uses the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method as well as the material properties to pinpoint areas of high stress or large displacement (deformation.)

Product Development


Simulation saves time and money by allowing us to make informed decisions on structure or material before purchasing expensive prototypes or tooling.

Design changes or modifications become increasingly expensive and time consuming after tooling is made. With simulation analysis, we can quickly make design changes in CAD and re-test using the simulation software.

This allows us to quickly compare different configurations and make informed decisions on design choices.


RedOwl uses SolidWorks Professional with an integrated simulation package to model our designs and test them under real-world conditions. We will typically test numerous design iterations and present our findings and recommendations to the client. We are also able to provide a detailed simulation report upon request.

RedOwl will often use simulation analysis during the design process without our clients even knowing. It is a powerful tool when used to optimize feature sizes, shapes and materials for strength and functionality. Simulation results cannot be used as a substitute for final product testing. It is strictly used to make informed decisions on design iterations at earlier stages in the engineering process.

Product Development

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